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Hi There!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. No matter who you are or where you are in life, you've taken the time to think about where you want to go from here. I hope you've even gone a step further and purchased my workbook and planner to guide you on your journey. The resources on this page are designed to supplement and enhance your workbook and planner experience. SO glad you're READY!


Creating a mission and mantra is an important part of setting your intentions. Knowing what truly motivates you and matters is essential for creating a vision and goals that feel authentic and vital enough to persist towards. 

  1. Imagine you already have what you seek.
  2. Write a short, declarative statement that you will memorize and repeat to yourself daily and when necessary.


My Mission:

I am determined to live on purpose and help others do the same. I will not be reduced by circumstance or diminished by the opinions of others—I was born to do big things and lead with compassion and wisdom. Someone is waiting to hear my voice; someone needs me.

My Mantra:

The universe smiles upon me; she knows my heart is full, and my faith is strong.

A vision board is a visual representation of your dreams, motivators, and desires that you display in a place you will see often. It works to manifest your aspirations. Include whatever items you choose, just be certain they’re meaningful to you:

  • Photos of places you want to go, things you want to own, people you want to meet or work with, etc. 
  • Words, phrases, or quotes that resonate with you
  • Notes or images that bring you happiness
  • Dates you plan to accomplish goals by
  • Your mission
  • Your mantra
  • A found item (feather, leaf, etc.) from a meaningful moment
  • Etc.

To build a team, you will need both informed individuals to guide you and people that offer support of various kinds.

An “expert” might be an industry leader in the field your goal belongs to—someone with a public platform you can follow and learn from, or it might be someone you know personally. Either way, this person helps you figure out the logistics of meeting your goal.

Check out my team page to find experts in a variety of fields and sign up to join my team here: The Team

1. Start with your big goal. 

2. Make a list of all the steps you will need to take to prepare and move towards your big goal. 

3. Set deadlines for each step. Meet your deadlines as often as possible. 

4. Keep your focus on making steady progress towards your big goal instead of being overwhelmed by it. 

5. Amend as needed. Perhaps you were unaware of a step you’d need to take when you mapped out your strategy, no problem! Be flexible, keep learning, and don’t quit. 

6. Pause when necessary. Practice self care and turn to the members of your team that offer support. When you are ready, begin again. 

Your CLJackson P.O.W.E.R. Workbook and Planner includes an execution map. This is an incredibly useful tool that you will use often to:

  • Record your goal
  • Set a deadline
  • Map out your team
  • List your micro goals
  • Track your progress
  • Self-Assess
  • Think through your next steps 

You should have an execute map for every goal you’re working towards and they should be used to attack your goals in a strategic, organized, and consistent manner. 

Have a question for Crystal? Don't hesitate to reach out!

What it Means to be "Ready"

I talk a lot about being "ready," and I think it's important to explain what "ready" looks and feels like. Ready is NOT feeling fully prepared or having it all together. Bold moves usually feel daring because the opposite is true--you don't feel ready, in the traditional sense of the word. When I ask if you're "ready," I'm asking if you've had enough of coasting through life. I'm asking if you're tired of just surviving and ready to thrive. Don't worry if you don't have laser sharp vision or even know how to take the first step. Those are things I can help with. If you're ready, I am too.

No Woman is an Island

Looking back over my life, there is one thing that stands out to me. No matter where I was in life, there was a strong woman there to support, encourage, and empower me. Because of this, I rarely viewed myself as an individual out there striving alone (the few times I have fallen victim to this thinking, I saw negative and immediate results). My mother instilled a sense of a higher power that helped me remember I am not alone and brought me comfort. My sister helped me raise my daughter when I became pregnant at 15, my college study group members embraced my daughter and enabled me to be both mother and student, my counselor taught me to acknowledge and manage my mental health, my aunt provided support when I considered dropping out of my engineering program, and my case worker turned friend, saw to it that my daughter got the help she needed. My peers and mentors filled in gaps on the job, and dozens of others helped me along the way. All of these people played a part in my success and acknowledging that helps me see her purpose as larger and more complex. I can’t help but feel propelled to “bigger” things through the recognition of these collective efforts on my behalf. When you acknowledge and build your own team, you will feel this too.

It's Time to Get IN the Game!

You weren't made to just sit there looking pretty. You should be IN the game, making moves and changing the odds. The first step to making BIG things happen is doing a serious and honest self-inventory. Life is a game of strategy and if you're going to win, you'd better have one. It's not enough to just recognize your greatness, you have to act on it (and through it) to gain an advantage.